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About ... Jon Heck, MS, ATC

I guess it's necessary to add some validity to the opinions I present here. So for those who want to know, here is a synopsis of my credentials on this topic ... I was the chair of the NATA Committee that produced the DVD, Head's Up: Reducing the Risk of Head and Neck Injuries in Football. I was the lead author for the NATA Position Statement: Head-Down Contact and Spearing in Tackle Football. I was a member of the NATA/AFCA Spearing in Football Task Force. I have been researching and speaking on the prevention of catastrophic cervical spine injuries in football since 1990. I have published 11 articles on this topic in peer reviewed Journals and coaching magazines. I completed seperate surveys of high school and NCAA Division 1 officials regarding the helmet-contact rules in football. I coached football for 2 years on the high school level and 4 years on the pop warner level. I am the Coordinator of Athletic Training at the Richard Stockton College of NJ. I have held that position since 1991. I received my BS from William Paterson University and my Master's Degree from the University of Florida. (You can't help but feel pompous when writing this kind of stuff)