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News Releases
August 2009- 2009 NCAA Football Officiating Points of Emphasis Video. NCAA.org
February 13, 2008- NCAA Football Rules Committee Proposes Rules to Enhance Student-Athlete Safety and Encourage Consistent Pace of Play. (NCAA News)
August 30, 2007- Reducing Risk of Catastrophic Football Injuries is Subject of DVD Distributed to High Schools Across the Country. (From the Andews Institute)
February 12, 2007- Football Rules Changes Focuses on Illegal Helmet Contact (From NFHS)
July 29, 2006- Stockton Athletic Trainer Instrumental in Production of Football Training Video (From Richard Stockton College)
July 5, 2006- Avoiding Catastrophic Football Injuries is Subject of New Online Video and DVD (From NATA)
January 31, 2006- Changes Made in Spearing Rule (From NFHS)
November 1, 2005- Preventing Severe Head and Neck Injuries in High School and Collegiate Athletes (From AAOS)
Ocotber 3, 2005- National Federation of High School's Rule Change Made to Prevent Head and Neck Injuries (From State of Football.com)
August 4, 2005- NATA & AFCA Task Force Encourages Rule Change on Spearing in Collegiate Football. (From NATA)
February 9, 2005- NCAA Football Rules Committee Recommends Video Review for All Conferences in 2005; Tightens Rules around the Line of Scrimmage (From NCAA)
September 9, 2004- Steps to Take to Decrease Cervical Spine Fractures and Dislocations in High School and College Football Players (From NATA)
August 9, 2004- NATA Issues Position Statement on Serious Risks Associated with Head-Down Contact and Spearing in Tackle Football (From NATA)
April 11, 2002- Football Safety Facts & Information (From Pop Warner)
February 16, 2001- NCAA Football Rules Committee Stresses Safety and Good Sportsmanship (From NCAA)
August 18, 1999- Department of Community Health Releases New Guide for Preventing Football Injuries (From Michigan Dept of Comm Health)

Newspaper/Magazine/Web Articles

January 1, 2011- Senator calls for helmet safety investigation. NYtimes.com
December 25, 2010- Hosea teaching kids the right way to tackle. theledger.com
December 9, 2010- Terry Pittman determined to make full recovery after football injury. www2.wnct.com
December 1, 2010- Between the ears: Colleges tackle concussions in football. kansan.com
November 26, 2010- Rethinking kickoffs. northjersey.com
Novermber 23, 2010- Injured player Legran showing improvement. app.com
November 19, 2010- Doctors want kickoffs banned. northjersey.com
November 6, 2010- Paralyzed players insurance runs out. suntimes.com
October 31, 2010- Necessary Roughness. delawareonline.com
October 30, 2010- Youth football coaches stress the proper way to tackle. granitebaypt.com
October 29, 2010- College Coaches: Don't blame us for helmet hits. abcnews.go.com
October 28, 2010- Sports Medicine: Proper tackling needed tohelp football players remain safe. pressherald.com
October 25, 2010- Safety issues come to a head in the NFL. chron.com
Ocotber 23, 2010- NFL could have spared the spearing long ago. washingtonpost.com
October 23, 2010- Eric LeGrand: Correct Tackling Form Prevents Spinal Injuries. mycentraljersey.com
December 20, 2010- As injuries rise, scant oversight of helmet safety. NYTimes.com
October 21, 2010- A Paralyzing Conclusion. milehighreport.com
October 18, 2010- Rutgers Football Player in Intensive Care After Injuring Spine. cnn.com
October 17, 2010- Rutgers' Eric LeGrand is paralyzed from neck down. SFGate.com
October 9, 2010- Rocky Mount Academy player in ICU after football collision. rockymounttelegram.com
October 7, 2010- Better instruction, equipment reduce football concussions. TimesDaily.com
October 2, 2010- WSU's Daniels copes with broken neck. Spokesman.com
October 1, 2010- Molina High quarterback Diondre Preston suffers severe spinal-cord injury. dallasnews.com
September 27, 2010- Danbury's Hruby escapes spinal injury. portclintonnewsherald.com
September 24, 2010- Blake Hunt, paralyzed in Flushing HS football scrimmage, received $8million settlement from city. nydailynews.com
September 23, 2010- Suicide reveals signs of a disease seen in the NFL. NYtimes.com
September 7, 2010- Spartans fullback Josh Rouse undergoes neck surgery, full recovery expected. mlive.com
September 5, 2010- NCAA football rule changes to help prevent concussions are major step in the
right direction.
September 4, 2010- Safety First in Youth Sports Leagues. pennlive.com
September 3, 2010- Paralyzed Medina Highland Player Continues to Make Steady Progress. plaindealer.com
August 27, 2010- Neck injury ends WSU safety LeAndre Daniels' career. seattletimes.com
August 20, 2010- Leading tackling with head may have led to injury. nashuatelegraph.com
August 17, 2010- Nashua player undergoes surgery after breaking neck at football practice. unionleader.com
August 12, 2010- Dudley football player breaks neck; no paralysis. news-record.com
July 29, 2010- Former Lions standout working on recovery 10 years after his injury. SeminoleChronicle.com
July 13, 2010- Spaulding football player's injury case settled. www.timesargus.com
June 30, 2010- Helmet isn't just for protection anymore. pennlive.com
November 10, 2009- Groh discourages block tackles. amercianchronicle.com
November 8, 2009- After breaking his neck, Irvington player makes strides toward return. NJ.com
November 1, 2009- High School Football Player Suffers Serious Spinal Injury. fox8.com
October 31, 2009- NFL’s brain-jarring hits reverberate through time. boston.com
October 29, 2009- Congress and NFL huddle no head trauma. examiner.com
Ocotber 17, 2009- A hostage to concussions. NJ.com
October 14, 2009- Coffman fractures 5th vertebrae. graphic-online.com
October 9, 2009- More than just a pain in the neck. wiscnews.com
October 8, 2009- Gridiron Warriors aims to help more young paralysis victims. dailyherald.com
October 6, 2009- Head, neck injuries ought to raise alarm. courier-journal.com
October 5, 2009- Tackle leaves boy, 14, partially paralyzed. dallasnews.com
October 4, 2009- St. X sophomore Tutwiler has surgery on neck. courier-journal.com
October 2, 2009- Local football player fighting for his life. whdh.com
October 1, 2009- Football players don’t always recognize serious injuries. scnow.com
October 1, 2009- Chucky Mullins 20 years later: What is his legacy? clarionledger.com
September 30, 2009- Dementia Risk Seen in Players in N.F.L. Study. NYtimes.com
September 29, 2009- Concussions should be taken seriously, experts say. orlandosentinel.com
September 29, 2009- Shadow Ridge senior survives life-threatening football injury. lasvegassun.com
September 29, 2009- The USC Trojans' Painful Season Has Little to Do with Football. bleacherreport.com
September 29, 2009- Helmet-to-helmet hits draw closer NCAA scrutiny. usatoday.com
September 19, 2009- M-F football player suffers broken neck. Union-Bulletin.com
September 9, 2009- NCAA cracks down on dangerous hits. mndaily.com
September 8, 2009- Prep football career over for MBA quaterback. Tennesean.com
September 7, 2009- California football players critically hurt after hit. Associated Press
September 7, 2009- Remember those injured on the field. Dailyherald.com
September 1, 2009- Football: Rengal in intensive care. OAvarsity.com
August 11, 2009- Paralyzed football player sues Barre school system. timesargus.com
July 1, 2009- DeSoto High football player paralyzed during practice maintains his strength. dallasnews.com
June 7, 2009- Oklahoma Thunder football player severely injured during game. tulsaworld.com
May 15, 2009- Zackery Lystedt's cause has become Washington law. Rivals.com
January 26, 2009- Super Bowl health risks: Why spearing is a no-no. examiner.com
January 20, 2009- Football can really jar our sensibilities. dailyherald.com
January 19, 2009- Athletic trainer situation a serious one for Putnam. herald-citizen.com
January 19, 2009- Violence At a Price. WashingtonPost.com
January 17, 2009- Paralyzed football player returns to his school. jacksonville.com
January 8, 2009- Back on his feet. lasvegassun.com
December 16, 2008- Alexander at first wasn't aware how badly he was injured. macombdialy.com
December 8, 2008- Paralyzed Rolling Meadows grad reflects on teen's death. dailyherald.com
December 4, 2008- 19-year-old Rock Island football player dies. chicagotribune.com
November 29, 2008- Former Rocky football player Travis Hean in critical condition. qctimes.com
November 16, 2008- NFL Players shouldn't complain about increased fines for dangerous hits. MiamiHerald.com
November 13, 2008- Paralyzed teen undergoes major surgery. firstcoastnews.com
November 12, 2008- Paralyzed H.S. football player tackles recovery. wcco.com
November 6, 2008- Repairing the damaged spinal cord. Scientific America. (sciam.com)
October 21, 2008- Injured player’s spirits still riding high. Lasvegassun.com
October 19, 2008- Collinsville High players learn from haunting football injury. suburbanjournals.stltoday.com
October 14, 2008- Pickering football team coping with paralysis of teammate. thetowntalk.com
October 8, 2008- End Zone. WetzelChronicle.com
October 7, 2008- Neck injury's sting ends season for Cougars standout. theolympian.com
October 3, 2008- CFL takes hard line of foul play. edmontonsun.com
October 2, 2008- Helmet-to-helmet calls make confusing impact. gazetteonline.com
September 28, 2008- Death raises safety issues, experts say. charlotteobserver.com
September 26, 2008- Byrd establishes Norman Taylor fund. shrevporttimes.com
September 25, 2008- Coaches say don't quit football out of fear. thestarpress.com
September 23, 2008- Damaging week sheds light on football's dark injury side. cbssports.com
September 23, 2008- USC CB Wright to be sidelined with vertebrae hairline fracture. espn.com
September 22, 2008- Cougars QB let out of hospital with fractured vertebra. Seattletimes.com
September 22, 2008- Football likely over for BSU player Love. Indystar.com
September 21, 2008- Justin McCray: North Forrest High School sophomore. Clarionledger.com
September 21, 2008- Lawreance Williams: Murrah High School senior. Clarionledger.com
September 19, 2008- Injured player begins rehab. Hattiesburgamerican.com
September 16, 2008- Lake Mills provides succor for injured athlete. AlbertLeaTribune.com
September 14, 2008- His research helps limit severe sports injuries. newsobserver.com
September 12, 2008- Community support boosts Parchment athlete as he regains movement after injury. Mlive.com
September 12, 2008- Injured high school football player begins recovery. Hattiesburgamerican.com
September 11, 2008- Player listed in fair condition. LasVegasSun.com
September 11, 2008- Preps Zone: D-C senior masters active life. mchenrycountysports.com
September 11, 2008- Prep player severely injured. hattiesburgamerican.com
September 10, 2008- Superior football player survives broken neck. khastv.com
September 10, 2008- When the game teaches you about life. LasVegasSun.com
September 9, 2008- Football player transferred to San Jose hospital. Redding.com
September 9, 2008- Ex-UGA star Pollack’s new zone is talk radio. AJC.com
September 4, 2008- Pitt LB to miss rest of season. Post-Gazette.com
August 29, 2008- Texans WR Williams unlikely to resume career. Kansascitystar.com
August 28, 2008- Where are They Now: Mike Utley. Seattlepi.com
August 27, 2008- High School Football Player Recovering. wjtv.com
August 26, 2008- Reynolds player's death serves as tragic reminder. FayObserver.com
August 23, 2008- Texans WR Williams to have surgery on Sunday. Dallasnews.com
August 23, 2008- Williams' injury hits too close for Texans players. Chron.com
August 19, 2008- Community Supports Paralyzed Football Player. firstcoastnews.com
August 17, 2008- St. Bonaventure JV player, injured Friday whilemaking tackle at practice. VenturaCounyStar.com
May 23, 2008- Taliafarro Beats the Odds. Philly.com
May 19, 2008- Tackling in football can lead to injury. InjuryBoard.com
May 13, 2008- Bills Release Tight End Everett, Allowing Him to Seek Benefits. Bloomberg.com
January 15, 2008- Much Hype in Player’s Treatment, Doctors Say. NY Times.
January 14, 2008- Head Games. Increasing number of concussions a growing concern in high school athletics. Tuscaloosanews.com
December 30, 2007- Darryl Stingley: Grace after the Fall. NY Times
Decmeber 30, 2007- Upward bound: Paralyzed OSU football player finds hope in vertical therapy. Dispatch.com
December 23, 2007- Everett Will Attend Bills Final Home Game on Sunday. allheadlinenews.com
December 13, 2007- A Tragic Injury Brings Change. sacbee.com
November 21, 2007- Technology Helps Concussion's Impact: But is it Enough? NewsOK.com
November 15, 2007- Giants Honor Paralyzed Players. Queenscourier.com
November 10, 2007- NFL Wants Players Ejected for Helmet to Helmet Hits. Bloomberg.com
November 2, 2007- Heads Up Football Takes on Added Importance in Tackling. PressofAtlanticCity.com
October 27, 2007- Delta May Have Special Visitor. Recordnet.com
Ocotber 25, 2007- Fast, Quality Care Improves Spinal Cord Recovery. pressboxonline.com
October 19, 2007- One Paralyzing Play and Dream Vanishes. theledger.com
October 5, 2007- Concussion not Something to Mess Around With. DailyHerald.com
October 5, 2007- Athlete's Challenge Not on Field, but in Rehab. ajc.com
October 4, 2007- Delta Rallies Behind Injured Defensive Back. Recordnet.com
October 4, 2007- Family, Friends Rally For Paralyzed Athlete. ZWire.com
October 3, 2007- Call for Help for Paralyzed High School Football Players. wfaa.com
September 28, 2007- Neck, Spinal Injuries Signs of Football's Violent Nature. eastvalleytribune.com
September 28, 2007- Neck Injuries Disturbing Reality. washingtonpost.com
September 24, 2007- Texan Cedric Killings: 'He's Up on His Feet'. AOL.com
September 23, 2007- Football, NFL: One Player's Pain Paying off for Fallen Bill. IHT.com
September 19, 2007- Spinal Cord Injuries Not Limited to NFL. ESPN.com
September 19, 2007- Imperative Players Learn Proper Tackling. tribune-democrat.com
September 18, 2007- Returning to the Game After a Broken Neck. TBO.com
September 16, 2007- Brutal Hits in the NFL this Season Reverberate Locally. SouthofBoston.com
September 16, 2007- Paralyzed Players Stay Productive. mysanantonio.com
September 16, 2007- High School Football Player Recovering from Serious Injury. nbc-2.com
September 16, 2007- Care Hit and Miss for Injured Prep Football Players. dallasnews.com
September 16, 2007- Perspective Needed Regarding Risk of Head, Neck Injuries in Football. islandpacket.com
September 15, 2007- Head's Up! Tackling the Wrong Way can Lead to Catastrophic Injuries. signonsandiego.com
September 15, 2007- It's Amazing there aren't More Spine Injuries. foxsports.com
September 13, 2007- Novel Cooling Method May Have Aided Inured Football Player. washingtonpost.com
September 13, 2007- High School's Working to Prevent Tackling Injuries. courierpress.com
September 12, 2007- Paralyzed Football Players Might Walk Again. sun-herald.com
September 12, 2007- See What You Hit Words to Live by in Promoting Safety. thestar.com
September 12, 2007- Group that Helps Injured Players Needs Support. mysanantonio.com
September 12, 2007- Gloucester's Ingram Reacts to Horrific Injury to Bills' Everett. Gloucester Daily Times
September 11, 2007- Far from NFL's Bright Lights, Paralyzed Players Carry On. USAToday.com
September 11, 2007- Standards Help Stem Catastrophic Injuries from Dangerous Game. USA Today.com
September 11, 2007- Is Football Too Dangerous. Time
September 11, 2007- The Message is Clear: Keep Your Head Up. Yahoo Sports
September 10, 2007- Bills Injury Effects Local Teams. whec.com
September 10, 2007- Everett Suffers Fracture to Cervical Spine. BuffaloBills.com
September 6, 2007- Flushing HS Athlete Paralyzed. Times Ledger
September 6, 2007- New DVD Aimed at Reducing Spinal Injuries. The Honolulu Advertiser
August 22, 2007- MHSAA Should Cut Football Season to Eight Games. Freep.com (Detroit Free Press)
August 21, 2007- Proper Tackling Top Priority for Coaches. The Bolivar Commercial
August 5, 2007- New Rules for New Season. Mlive.com
July 18, 2007- Coaches Not Sure About Contact Rules. Dothan Eagle
July 14, 2007- Pollack Remains Hopeful of Eventual Return. The Cincinnati Post
May 22, 2007- Taliaferro Honored as Hometown Hero. The Courier Post
April 24, 2007- Injured Player May Sue Camden. Courier Post
April 11, 2007- Teen Paralyzed in Football Game Goes Home. NBC10.com
April 6, 2007- Jack Tatum's Hit on Darryl Stingley: Cheap Shot? AOL Sports
April 5, 2007- Former NFL Player Stingley Dies at 55. USAToday.com
February 3, 2007- Change Pro-Football Rules To Protect Players. New America Media
December 29, 2006- Scintillating and Sobering. Quad-City Times
December 28, 2006- Brady Still Shaking Off Big Hit. The Boston Globe
December 26, 2006- Westview Player Recovers From Serious Neck Injury. The Jacksonsun.com
December 14, 2006- Bengals LB Pollack Needs Neck Surgery, Career in Doubt. cbssportsline.com
December 14, 2006- Paralyzed High School Football Players Offer Help. cbs2chicago.com
November 17, 2006- Rehabilitation Under Way for Travis Hearn. Quad-City Times
November 16, 2006- Former Levelland Football Player Loses Civil Case. kcbd.com
November 12, 2006- Community Backs Paralyzed Player. The Times Tribune
November 9, 2006- Injured Football Player Recovering at Home. wnep.com
November 9, 2006- Injured Q-C Player Now Sitting Upright. Quad-City Times
November 4, 2006- Former Football Player Files Suit. kcbd.com
October 24, 2006- Coaches Preach, Teach Tackling. Newsobserver.com
October 12, 2006- Hearns Begins Rehab in Sycamore. Quad Cities Online
October 5, 2006- Pollack Hopes to Return to Bengals but Just Wants Normal Life. USAToday.com
September 26, 2006- Rocky Awaits Word on Hearn. Quad-City Times
September 23, 2006- Prayer Service Held for Injured Player. nbc5i.com
September 19, 2006- Finally, Buoniconti, Citadel Reconcile. USA Today
September 19, 2006- Pollock's Doctor Gives Details. Cincinatti.Com The Enquirer
September 18, 2006- Bengals DB Fractures Spine. Cincinatti Bengals
September 16, 2006- Shattered Spine, Shattered Life. The Paper of South Texas
September 14, 2006- Willie Davis Puts His Life Back Together After Injury. The Times Dispatch
August 31, 2006- Doctor: Odds Against Full Recovery for Rivera Student. The Brownsville Herald
August 29, 2006- Injured Rivera Player Headed for Recovery. The Brownsville Herald
August 20, 2006- No Spearing Allowed. From Corvalis Gazette-Times
July 13, 2006- Safety First. From Indianapolis Colts
May 9, 2006- Stopping spearing remains priority. USA Today
April, 2006- National Federation Tightens Rule on Spearing. NATA News
March 29, 2006- Paralyzed football player back in class at Hamilton. The Arizona Republic
March 28, 2006- Pearl City Alum 'Reborn' After Frightening Injury. The Honolulu Advertiser
February 16, 2006- Citadel Board Approves Retirement of Buoniconti Jersey. SoConSports.com
December 10, 2005- Taking Aim at Spearing. Coaching Management (This head coach, Dale Patton, deserves a gold star if he does as he says in this article)
December 5, 2005- Vick Fulfills Dream of Paralyzed Teen. AtlantaFalcons.com
November 29, 2005- Westlake Drive to Help Paralyzed Player Continues. Statesman.com
November 9, 2006- Officials Pleased with Vigilance on Spearing. USA Today (Another reminder that the some officials don't really get it.)
October 23, 2005- The Man Behind Project Hope. The Miami Project (A vivid reminder how strained things can become between an athlete and their school after a catastrophic spine injury)
September 14, 2005- Rule aims to curb helmet-to-helmet contact, injuries in NCAA football. Pittsburgh Post Gazette
August 27, 2005- Safety first: NCAA changes spearing rule. MSNBC.Com
August 26, 2005- NCAA Strengthens Spearing Penalty Rule. ESPN.Com
August 14, 2005- NCAA Wants Spearing on the Endangered Species List. USA Today
2005- Shoulder-First Contact is the Safest Way to Play Football. Family Medicine
July, 2005- Using the Head as a Weapon in Football. NCAA.Org
May, 2005- NATA/AFCA Spearing in Footbal Task Force Finishes Work. NATA News
January 9, 2005- Defensive backs face highest rates of injury. Pittsburgh Tribune Review
September 23, 2004- Just How Dangerous Is Playing Football? Black Athlete Sports Network
August 25, 2004- Coaches Say Spinal Cord Injuries Hard to Prevent. San Antonio News (I Don't agree much with this headline)
March, 23 2003- David Flores: Paralyzed ex-player shares his inspiration. The Spinal Cord Injury Zone
November 20, 2003- Football: Organized Warfare, or a Triumph of Common Sense? whyfiles.org
Winter 2002- One Play at a Time: Steven Smith Tackles Life After Spinal Cord Injury. Spinal Column
June 2002- Campus Mourns as Football Player Curtis Williams Dies at 24. UW Alumni Magazine
May 13, 2002- Irony Surrounds Deaths of Williams, Mullins. ESPN.com
March 2002- Rolling Forward: Curtis Williams Life After a Crippling Football Injury. UW Alumni Magazine
January 5, 2001- Spearing- Football's Dirty Tackle a Dangerous Game to Play. CNNSI.com
December 31, 2000- Williams Will Watch Huskies. CNNSI.com
Ocotber, 2000- Letter to the Editor from the Parents of Injured Player in 'Blood Sport' article. Willamette Week
October 18, 2000- Blood Sport: A String of Life-Threatening Injuries Renews the Old Debate Over High-School Football in Oregon. Willamette Week
August 16, 2000- Disturbing Report Shows Numerous Deaths Among High School Football Players. WebMD
January 31, 2000- Spearing Story Elicits Feeback- The Times
November 29, 1999- Officially Speaking, Safety Up to Referees- The Times
August 14, 1996- Injuries high among football players. Augusta Chronicle Online
Postseason 1996- Saving the Spine. Coaching Management
January 31, 1983- This Author Says Blame Spearing, Not Helmets, For Grid Neck Injuries. sportsillustrated.cnn.com